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5 Yoga Breathing Exercises, That Make Your Life Perfect

5 yoga breathing exercises

Performing 5 yoga breathing exercises a day will keep your mind fresh. Yoga is the only way to minimize your stress without any expenditure. The circle of our life moves on energy and the best source of energy is breathing. For performing yoga you need a peaceful place where one can meditate easily. There should be no distraction or sound that captures your attention. Make sure that your back is supported well by a pillow or a cushion so that it will be straight throughout the exercise. Sit in a cross leg position while performing any kind of yoga. Yoga not only reduces our stress but also sharpens our mind to carry out multi-tasks. There are the best yoga breathing exercises that regulate our respiratory system and keeps our physique in shape, as mentioned below;

Weight Losing Exercise is One of the Best Part of 5 Yoga Breathing Exercises

Weight Losing Exercise

In this yoga, the weight losing pose is the downward facing dog pose. This pose is done for about five to ten minutes. Its daily practice not only helps you to lose weight but also reduces the belly fat. It is best for chubby women to cut down their fat through it and also increases the blood circulation towards the brain that improves brain efficiency. It is known as the child’s pose. For this pose sit on your butt back on your heels. Now start bending forward, bow your head down the floor while stretching your arms forward. Stay in the same pose until you feel completely relaxed as the movement of blood towards brain remove all of the anxiety and tension.

Best Yoga Poses, Which are Essential to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

yoga poses to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Best way to strengthen our belly is to practice plank pose. It teaches us how to balance our entire body on our hands. It is also known as a challenging pose.
  • Tree pose is the most essential pose to learn clarity and balance on foot while holding our hands in a prayer position.
  • Warrior pose is most essential pose to add stamina to yoga practice. For a warrior, posture takes a large step back, lift your chest forward and press both palm overhead.
  • Seated forward bend pose is a perfect pose to learn how to maintain your breath in an uncomfortable position. To make a seated forward bend pose sit by joining you’re both legs together and start lifting your chest forward from your waist. Make sure that your shoulder and back are relaxed. Breath about 8-10 times in the same pose.
  • Bridge pose is the best posture for beginners. It is also known as back-bend pose and is perfect to strength our back. For this, lie down on your back, lift your butt up, put your hands together under your back, lift the chest up and place your feet hip-width apart. Breath about 10- 12 times in the same pose.

Breathe Yoga, That can Relax your Mind

breathe yoga exercises

Controlled breath not only keeps your brain and heart working best but it also de-stresses and lowers the blood pressure. There are some breathe yoga exercises that give us health for life. These exercises should be accomplished early in the morning. So that mind can get some natural and fresh air. If you fall asleep with all of the troubles of the day than this breath can take your mind off racing thoughts. To fix all of your stress close your eyes and relax each part of your body(muscles). Breath in through the nose and hold it for count five and then breath out through mouth relaxing all of the muscles of your face. Breathe deeply for 5 minutes in the same way. A moment arrives when you will have equal time length for both breaths in and out. You will feel relaxed and stress less.

Ujjayi Breath Benefits, Beneficial Part of 5 Yoga Breathing Exercises

Ujjayi pranayama benefits

Ujjayi breath is an ancient kind of yoga which can only be carried out at home. Such kind of yoga is best for our lungs as it increases the oxygen level in our body. It also increases the oxygen binding capacity of our blood. To perform Ujjayi breath yoga we need a straight surface with a soft carpet. As we need to stretch the whole body in this yoga so our clothes should be comfortable and should not be skin tight. By performing this method, Ujjayi breath benefits us regularly that we got glowing body and skin as our blood is clean and the hemoglobin level is increased. But the best way to perform this yoga is by laying down relaxing the body on the floor. And while performing the steps of Ujjayi pranayama keep the time length in mind. You need to hold on your breath for one minute so that all of the toxic material can easily be pushed out of the body.

Most Powerful Yoga Breathing Exercise Pranayama, Easy to Perform at Home

Most Powerful Yoga Breathing Exercise Pranayama

Pranayama means energy and breath. It is one of the most powerful breathing yoga that helps you to get rid of a toxic material of your body through exhaling. It also helps us to equalize the inhalation and exhalation process. Most powerful yoga breathing exercise pranayama is to perform pranayama make sure that you are in a comfortable position. Now sit in a cross leg position and stretch your back to straight. It will help you to concentrate. Start taking breathe deeply through the nose and breath out through the mouth. Make sure that the time period taken by both of the processes should be equal. Perform this kind of exercise five times. Now stretch right arm upward while relaxing the left one. Repeat the step with the left arm. Manage the time length between both. It is one of the easiest yoga of Yoga breathing exercises to perform at home.

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