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Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening All Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

charcoal teeth whitening

Activated charcoal powder for teeth whitening is actually a black powder, Which is trendy nowadays to make your smile eye-catching. Teeth are one of the most important and sensitive parts of our entire body. Cleaning teeth with a brush and paste are sometimes not enough as there may remain strains and smudges behind. But one can get perfect satisfaction only when the teeth are hygienic as well as graceful. Best way to achieve both aims is to use activated charcoal to clean teeth. But the question arises that how a black colored activated charcoal works to whiten the teeth? Instead of turning them into blackish color. Now let us have a look how activated charcoal teeth whitening magic works.

Does Activated Charcoal powder for teeth whitening bring striking result?

To have a pearly white look of your teeth, get some black charcoal powder and make a paste by adding little amount of water. Then use this paste as a regular toothpaste and Brush your teeth with this paste for about 3-5 minutes minimum and then leave for 30-35 minutes. After a certain time period, wash them with warm water. You will observe a sudden transformation of yellow stained teeth into smooth lustrous oysters. Smearing or scrubbing the paste instead of brushing is far better to get a brilliant smile. Does activated charcoal whiten teeth work on a regular basis will bring striking results?

Below is the Table which shows the top best Activated Charcoal products. Each and every Activated charcoal are chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Product NameProduct RatingShipping WeightProduct FlavorPrice List
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING4.31.6 ouncesNatural FlavorCheck Price
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING4.30.5 ouncesPeppermintCheck Price
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE4.44.8 ouncesMint FlavorCheck Price
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE4.25 ouncesPeppermintCheck Price

Well, Now without wasting any further time let’s jump to our best Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening list.

How To Get Rid Of Stains And Foul Smell Using Activated Charcoal Teeth

People wonder how activated charcoal removes all of the irresistible stains which can only be treated by a dentist through painful instruments and tools. These yellowish stains are just toxins and poisonous micro-organisms. Actually, these toxins and gases in our mouth are positively charged particles on the other hand activated charcoal is negatively charged milled powder. Which on applying suck up all kinds of positive particles and efficiently turn all of the yellowish enamel into a pure white colored smooth enamel. The trap of all the unwanted substances removes every kind of foul smell. The use of activated charcoal teeth, in addition, to vanish bad sniff and give a pleasant aura.

Can Activated Charcoal Use For Hair And Skin?

Not only this but activated charcoal also works best to increase the volume of your hair and to make them silky smooth. It is one of the leading characteristic of activated charcoal that it not only blacken the hair but also gives them a waterfall look. Activated charcoal extracts all of the dirt and excess oil from hair and nourishes them from roots to tips. It is best to use it on the damaged hair caused by the electronic products. Except for that use of activated charcoal teeth whitening powder as a face-wash also lightens the complexion. Smearing activated charcoal to wash face is an only prime way to get glowing smooth skin in a limited time period. These days activated charcoal is being used for the recovery of sunburnt skin. Today’s biggest problem is acne and oily skin both can easily be overcome by its use on regular basis.

Decomposition Process Of Teeth

Clean and stain free teeth not only gave us the confidence to smile bright but also prevents us from various diseases. As only a germless mouth can have a healthy stomach. Remaining’s of food we eat, get cling to our teeth deeply. During sleep, these food particles start decomposing which in addition decomposes our teeth. The decay of teeth leads to the sensitivity problem as the feeling of hot and cold which prevents a person to enjoy the taste of food and toothache which is one of the most debilitating condition, the micro-organisms in the mouth causes formation of nitrogen and other gases which causes bad odor from mouth and also health problems which can lead to serious outcomes like infective endocarditis which is a lethal disease. The condition turns worse when we need a dentist to remove affected teeth.

Consulting With A Dentist About Best Charcoal Toothpaste

Dentists advise using best charcoal toothpaste for teeth cleaning purpose, as highly chemical based drinks leave irresistible stains which can only be treated by activated charcoal. These stains are the cause of yellowness of teeth and foul smell. But charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste is a prime method to deal with both. Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is approved by FDA. But before adopting any kind of teeth whitening procedure must consult your dentist. As the ingredients of the procedure may harm your teeth enamel. Smearing activated charcoal is a much better way to get pure white teeth than to use it with a brush. Smearing helps in preventing discoloration and strengthen your enamel.

Health Problems For Having Bad Teeth

Having bad gum is the reason for various diseases. Like the food, we eat directly moves from our mouth to stomach. Substances released from gum enters the stomach and then to blood vessels. If these microbes enter any one of the brain nerves they start killing brain cells which in turn cause dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. If these germs enter any blood vessel then the vessel hardens and cause atherosclerosis, which leads to hypertension and also an embolus can be formed which can cause a stroke. And it also affects the respiratory system can cause COPD, respiratory inflammation, acute bronchitis, and pneumonia.

To Get a Perfect Gum Use Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Most people use to brush their teeth daily but still do not get any satisfying result. Even their teeth are yellowish and foul-smelling after using various procedures to get fresh and healthy gum. Best way to solve this problem is to use brushing your teeth with activated charcoal instead of normal toothpaste. Because regular toothpaste includes different chemicals which are harmful to teeth enamel. That’s why activated charcoal toothpaste is a natural and far better from those common kinds of toothpaste as it does not have any side effect in return. It keeps gum healthy and strong also it whitens the teeth making them stronger.

Brushing Teeth With Charcoal For Teeth Whitening And Charcoal Toothpaste Benefits

Usually, people do not try an alternative way to clean their teeth as it requires attention and needs to be done by a procedure. But now for your ease brushing teeth with charcoal helps you to get rid of another toothpaste that doesn’t give the result any sooner. Another form of charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste is in the form of a kit, Which is much more effective and easy to use. Brushing teeth with charcoal whitening toothpaste as regular toothpaste, because of its multiple advantages at the same time. Charcoal is also used in emergency situations, like in case of poisoning to stop the absorption of the drug, in the gut and it can prevent approximately 74% of drug to go into gut by binding itself to the toxin, like in paracetamol poisoning if given early before the time drug absorbs within 30-60min and act as an effective thing to prevent life-threatening conditions in which liver failure can occur. It is also protective to kidneys in case of poisoning because binding to drugs which are toxic to kidneys prevents acute renal failure. Activated charcoal teeth whitening paste is also used widely to treat acne and purify the pores.

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